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CNED January Meet-Up!

DECEMBER 21, 2011

Our next meet-up is January 3rd at the Boston Pizza in Whitehorse.  The meet-up will be heldupstairs starting at 5:30pm.

The next Meet-Up will include:

  • Brief updates on what everyone is up to
  • An fun roundtable discussion regarding an economic development topic (topic to be provided by Jillian)
  • An update on the upcoming EDAC – Year 1 professional development opportunity (provided by Jillian or Michael)
  • A report on membership options for the Council of Northern Economic Developers (provided by George with assistance from Peter)
  • Setting a date for the first CNED AGM
  • More visiting and relaxing with your peers!

See you there!

CNED hosts its monthly meet-ups on the first Tuesday of every month.  Subscribe to this site for announcements about upcoming meet-ups.

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